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Monday, August 07, 2006

another week

well another weekend of shirkin responsibilities... should hav gone to the kindergarten and painted more on the mural, community service stee - but didn't... should have txtd a young lady and explained myself - didn't... shouldn't hav drunk that goon sack - did... etc etc etc... all good.
it's classic waking in the morning (alone thank god) and reading on yr wrist the bar stamps, yr trail of destruction, absolutely no memory of any of them, like none - i'd assumed i went home after that party - didn't... oh well, another week ahead of trying to be good - but... here's a brief run down... today - monday, phils 30th, bottle of tanqueray waiting at home... 2moro - tuesday, soundclash at bath, continuation of phils 30th, the rest of the tanq, maybe bickies... wednesday, working refizzle, more gin... thursday, working refizzle again, black seeds with soundclash after party, more gin... friday, hand-in for school, working refizzle again, concord dawn, a massively long night, more gin, maybe bombay this time aye kelly haha... saturday, RECOVERING hopefully, we'll see though, we'll see, i'm sure something will come up.... maybe every second word in this rant, insert a toot.... honk honk


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