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graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Thursday, August 17, 2006


this is a stencil i made ages ago, my buddy gave me this little wee canvas and wanted me just to draw on it... but with a room full of spraypaint and COLOUR i chose not to do a pen drawing, and dribbled instead, went down a treat... blah blah, i had heaps of other pictures to put on today too but i fucked up somehow when putting them on my i-pizzle... laters....
i had a thought last nite - lots of schoolwork coming up, so how about laying off the bliss for a little bit buddy!!! we'll see haha


At 2:08 pm, Blogger Joy said...

hey hey nigel!!!, thanks buddy much appreciated, as mentioned if we make it the local rag i will send some pictures repping daggers yay for you. big hugs to all who know.....loves joy xxxxxx


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