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Monday, January 15, 2007

tenze's little nook and cranny wall

i got the small wall but that's cool coz everyone knows i take forever to paint... not this time, i caned it, heaps of beer drinkin chillin for me during this weekend... as usual i didn't have anything drawn up before i went up there, we had a cool wee drawing session the night before paint day, was gonna do an ashburton thing but had a mare with a few letters - R, H - so i decided to sketch up a stack idea that i had on the way up... tnz, dtc, 2007... loved the drawing and thought it would fit in the space heaps better, love this new style i'm playing with, hope i don't thrash it too hard, need to move on and progress from it at some stage, it'll always be there for me to look back on.... earthy colours, simple background, patterned ornate things with a light grey drop shadow on everything... simple, clean, effective... ended up being 3 completely different styles on the 3 walls... also busted out the 'art gallery' bit in about 15mins, haha, that was cool, semi rushed tho but yet again - effective


At 7:35 pm, Anonymous Fi said...

WOAHHHH!!!! You are too cool for school! You kids are awesome. New style is sexy as!


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