dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Friday, September 29, 2006

new albums out... get yours now...

a couple of new hip hop albums from a couple of dunedin bandits... covers that yours truly whipped up for the lads - nice... (always good to blow your own trumpet haha) getafix's album is a real nice mix with a few local acts on it, mainly what i call 'happy' hip hop - yummy yum yum.... the bootleg mixtape is produced by beau in his underground dungeon, bootlegged beats with him and max dad e rhyming over the top, dope rhymes, dope flows... max dad e has the smoothest voice - you'll see... and mixed by getafix - d-d-dope.... churr

Thursday, September 28, 2006

the bootleg mixtape vol one

yo beaus new mixtape is out on the 14th of october, been slaving infront of the computer for 3 days busting out his cd artwork and this poster... is gonna be dope... listening to it right now actually... fuckin dope

Monday, September 25, 2006

some recent painting excursions

top was XIIB a couple of weeks ago, good times, got to paint with pest5 TMD... mean style.... bottom one was yesterday, collaboration with ghst - impromptu LBC... mean

sept 23rd, my liil bro's birthday plus sk8 comp day

traditionally a day to get on the maggot... skate comp day always contains the boozyness, this time round (the first in about 8 years) i didnt have official roles, so i was free to get on the munt... drink of choice was bourbon, all set with tumblers, ice and coke... classy, while the groms were on the southern gold $10- for 12... straight ripping... josh malface took it out... #1

Monday, September 18, 2006

another weekend gone in a haze

well well well, it's monday and i'm not entirely sure where friday, saturday or sunday went... i think friday was real hung-over, did nothing, tried to go to school but brain wasn't up to it, i think i tried printing a couple of photos too but i had a mare and went home in a grump... saturday was a creative day, touched up my piece i did down XIIB alleyway coz when i did it i got progressively drunker so by the time i got to the outline i thought i was an absolute ninja but in reality i was only partially the drunken master i thought i was, and it was dark, so sure enough the touch ups were needed. then went to the leith and nearly completed my latest masterpiece down there... looking good noel... then it was work, SBKs 8th birthday, thumping D&B all night long, loved it, got a bit razzled, some cheeky ladies - but there always is, home at 10am, slept all sunday till 8pm, up for two movies, bongs, then bed... and before i know it it's monday...

anyways, these are the two pictures i tried to print on friday... epic gnarliness... top one is josh squash (or morphius to the aussies out there) bonelessing into the blood bucket in mornington, fucking hell, not just any old boneless but a gnarly as fuck jump as high as you can boneless - holy... next is nic hart leaping bath st in a single bound, oh my god, so fast into this aye.... easy, peace...

Friday, September 15, 2006

ghostie getting the paint on...

the bottom image now has a part2 added to it... ghostie branching out and getting the paint tip on, colour, tone, shading... good times, many more to come no doubt.... fuck i'm hungover today

the speights monster

speights monster sez no.... i took this photo coz it's my walk to school and town multiple times a day and is a pretty tempting place to paint, but coz i got arrested for painting 'illegally' i can't... which gets at me everyday... grrrrgrgrggrrrrr... just saw mikey - 'sike' - he's a cock, he 'looks' like a stencil street artist haha, we had beef, that he caused.... drongo

more street fun

another 5 pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure... mr w**sh busting out the graff bunny and the bottom two pink black and white creations - awesome, different steez aye... the hearts are dope too... aahh layers... so much fun...

stencils kinda make shit look pow

sup, couple of stencils i've done around art school, kinda cool, the shroom was last year, since then busted out another shroom stencil, the triple... the rose is cool, a new technique that i've figured out recently, layering differently, multi colour per layer... awesome

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

went for a walk the other day...

general bengal is straight ripping, the bison - love 'em, the AK-47 is bloody clever, decay down copa.... and the all seeing eye looking down on ya

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

evoke burner

bloaw, this piece is so dope, LBC in full effect, evk did well here, mean use of colours

some cool old chomps from around

there were unlimited possibilities with this guy, shame he got busted... art to some, not to others....

how effective is a good paste up...

mean, this is awesome, emotion invoking image, no doubt some oldies and girls will be off it

leith pre flood

the whole low wall and under the bridge down at the leith... LBC2006.... aaah computers...

devereux jewellery

the jewellery shots i did for henry, not bad not bad, it was fun doing it, the digi was a gem here, would have been so touch and go if we were using film... don't get me wrong tho, film is where its at, digi has its uses every now and then tho....

some studio fun

tried shooting these caps about 5 times aye, finally with the aid of a light tent, a digi slr with close up filters, and previous experiences to go off, i won... round 6 will have a light table underneath... peath

Monday, September 11, 2006

its all good

hey blog, long time, a whole week in fact... holy, so i haven't been sleeping too much, been way too busy getting shit done, super productive at the mo, i'm loving it - got my passion back for photography, plus an overload of ideas for street art shizz... so yeah still shirking some responsibilities, i'll never get over that i think... truxton is fixed!!! but they also put the price up 150% at the same time - 50c!!!, still, it makes for an even $2, a fish and some truxton, awesome... large format photography was dope, gonna hav 2 sort some for here... shot some of henrys jewellery today, light tent etc, they came out so cool, will post laters, also been scoping some dope street art around town - creative wee bastards, more people need to do it, it's so interesting seeing what people do, how they express themselves... easy, more pictures of stuff 2moro or sometime, been lagging on that of late... peace

Monday, September 04, 2006


holy, so i went to the chew and spew last night for another round of truxton, disaster!!! some fucking knobhead has either spilt beer or just using brute force has broken the joystick on truxton... assholes - fuck... what am i to do? my lifes over, goodbye cruel world... NOOOOOOOoooooo............
and haha, looking back over my last post, the picture has a higher score than what i was raving about... what a dick haha easy

Friday, September 01, 2006


so this is officially my favorite game at the moment, everyday i go to the 'chew and spew', insert 1 20c and play till my chips are cold (or a fish, usually just a fish)... area 60 at 225,000 is my record so far, i haven't seen any score even anywhere near that on the high score list... loving it... can't wait to play today haha

school and stuff

well, apologies for not writing as much this week, school and stuff is to blame... got an exhibition coming up (opening tomorrow actually) so i've been slaving to get everything sorted, kinda been neglecting my group project at school tho, they'll be mad when i meet up with them at life drawing at 1:30... i have to go tho, no running away this time mate... made some cool canvases, well on board actually, pasting newspaper then a light tonal spray with paint, then a drippy white border, stencil on top of that. stencil you say, yes stencil... but a nice 1, 6 or 7 colours, not just black.... mmmmmmm... also ripped down some gig posters and painted on that too... cheapest canvas i ever bought.
anyway, schools ripping, no 4x5 shots on here yet, cant really scan the negs, gonna have to scan the prints one day.... all good... peace
money sucks by the way