dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

walking from school to home, duds rooools!!

hey everyone, more shots of the awesome city i live in.... buildings and streets and concrete - totally what i'm into haha

Friday, February 23, 2007

more skatey boardey photeys

dunga can do nollie backside flips, and chill... matt beck is badass, peep this for gnarly - gap to frontboard, gangsta... popey did a tre over a bin too... nice

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

look, i can still shoot photos...

went to chch in the weekend for a boom comp, this dude won, john parsons... i shot these of him the next day, sick kicky shift, and a melon from quarter to the 2nd bank... check it out, dope exposure, framings mean and the focus is sweet - on the kicky anyway, the melons semi dodge, don't like it as much, too much distraction behind him... easy... more later

Thursday, February 15, 2007

goin international yo... na haha

i shot some portrait shots of my buddy mosus when he was in the country last, he livin in the UK now, they came out rather epnaenae, liked em... he used one on a flyer for a gig they did in paris, he all bigwig dnb bandit these days, blowin up... peep his tee and scarf he wore at the gig... mean

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


ahead is a selection of graff that i thought was epic in chch, real inspiring, especially lurq, sendr, dcypher, freak and vope... lurq's style was awesome, similar letter forms throughout his pieces, def his style, his multi colour fills and sharpness of his lines had me too... love the highlights in all these next few posts too!!! enjoy


sender is fucking amazing, such control with a spraycan, and vision! his 3d lettering is awesome, and his characters!!! loved his shit, like love! his small lettering is amazing too... skills...


dcypher has such a huge range of styles that he busts out so well with each - epic... his 3d was what first stood out to me years ago, but holy, love his others now... hows the black one with the white ghosted fill!! plus that real patterned one in the biege... the bottom one is doipe too, the linking is awesome... blue, dope!!


freak was freakin awesome... loved his characters, their emotions and the way they were filled/shaded, nice style... and such a huge scale too... epic!!!


awesome stee, love how it's all similar, like his style... cool use of colours, real blocky/stripey fills... hard to read but dope all the same... like his add ons and extensions on his letters... stood out

chch epic pieces 1

more epicness.. fiasko, dcypher, cerone, cool styles that work together real well, yum... not sure who did the first piece on this one, but fiasko and dcypher on the end, cool again, the outlines on this were all mid/dark colours so they were quite flat, but all throughout so it worked cool... fiasko on the roller ripping - awesome... not sure who painted this train, maybe dcypher?? cool though... roll call done with stee...

apologies for all the 'too's in the next post haha

chch epic pieces 2

seen some more dope as pieces in the chch... askews hit was MASSIVE!! clean as too... bler's one was a bit tricky to read at first but i got it, dope chrome fill, mean style too... it was awsome seeing a can2 piece in real life too, mean pinks i reckons, cool with the green too, real clean and sharp... exist from the aucks region, quite bubbly, cool colours too... damn, reakt, out of it to see one of his in real life too, out of it style, cool koru's etc... like

a bridge got a raping outside of kaikoura

niche and ghostie insisted we stop and hit this bridge, i was practically asleep at the time so i stayed in the car till they were nearly finished... niche's throe was a quicky, 5mins maybe, he also hit the N throwie again, ghost did some ghosts, love the brains... bler was already there... as was the andrew morrison wars here - wondor if that was morri himself??