dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stoked with my control at the mo...

pretty amped on my painting at the moment, the harbour is dope, kept it soft and simple coz it's the background, but it's effective... the t is ripping, tight.... the 2 is ripping, tight haha..... woah, more... new green tnz, killin it.... elm 3d stee a little, blam...

the canongate mural progress

slow going coz i always lag and the others work but we're getting there... duds theme again... loving my background, the harbour - goodness... me, zom-b and ghostie again... finished the canongate bit yesterday, hated the fill at first but as usual the outline/shading/highlights made it go blam!!! the 2007's dope too... can't wait to paint the scarfies flat... well maybe i can, it's gonna be tricky!!! mmwwaa xx


even when you think you're ok at flinging bottlecaps, don't do it in close proximity of yr female flatmates, coz things DO go astray sometimes... whoops... sorreeeeeeeey

random snaps of stuff and stuff

drrinkin around the kitchen table, drawing on it, beers in the alley with crew, eating satay with the satay king, snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap............

more graff spotting

saw these the other day, evoke and niche ripping, as always...

at beaus on a tuesday

fuck having a camera is fun, snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap, lunatics aren't they, these people are my friends and they are cool, check beaus hair out, holy, getting a bit floppy tho haha lovin it

wandering home with a camera

took a few photos the other nite while walking home, i like the streets, i don't like typing much tho, hence the small comments haha


superman shrunk a wee bit, he's still pretty tough tho, check him out... starting school this year elliot, ripping

duck circa 1999

duck taught me it all years ago... found these of his while walking up highgate way, so steezy

olmonsters addition to the city

i really like this aye, clever... blowing cover next to a street store that sells spraypaint tho

hannah's going away to india party

a couply weeks ago we had a wee hooley at our house, it was choice, hannah was going away across the world to india so we had choice people around for a choice time... we aren't quite real loud just yet, but we get a whole lot louder, poor neighbors haha, no, really...

Monday, January 15, 2007

my hometown rules

canongate stairs, view over town and the harbour, city rise represent, i love dunedin!!!


in the weekend ghst, zom and i went up to ashburton to paint the stairwell entrance at the art gallery, coz it was an 'art gallery' it had to be on point, which i was aiming for... these are the walls just before we started painting, prepped, masked, drop sheeted... like woah, here goes.... good times

tenze's little nook and cranny wall

i got the small wall but that's cool coz everyone knows i take forever to paint... not this time, i caned it, heaps of beer drinkin chillin for me during this weekend... as usual i didn't have anything drawn up before i went up there, we had a cool wee drawing session the night before paint day, was gonna do an ashburton thing but had a mare with a few letters - R, H - so i decided to sketch up a stack idea that i had on the way up... tnz, dtc, 2007... loved the drawing and thought it would fit in the space heaps better, love this new style i'm playing with, hope i don't thrash it too hard, need to move on and progress from it at some stage, it'll always be there for me to look back on.... earthy colours, simple background, patterned ornate things with a light grey drop shadow on everything... simple, clean, effective... ended up being 3 completely different styles on the 3 walls... also busted out the 'art gallery' bit in about 15mins, haha, that was cool, semi rushed tho but yet again - effective

ghostie up in this piece

ghost went with the oranges and browns and dribbles and clouds and stuff, came out real cool, used my stencils to death tho (almost ruined them trying to pull them apart when i got home last night noel hahathey were so built up, i reckon the paint on them will never dry it's so thick...) but at least they got some use... character crest was churr, light grape bandit.... nice