dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

the taliband's talivan...

painted my first van the other day, getting on the 'escape van' tip haha... worked out fucking cool... my brief was the bands name, logo and a desert theme. thought i did quite well, rather chuffed haha... big thanks to askew for the fill bite... taliband summer tour for a month and a half starting today... coming to a town near you...

17 1/2 hours painting, like woah!!! rinsed


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the finishing touches on the wilkie rd wall

went down to wilkie yesterday and did the 'dunedins truest crew' bit above the churches, filled out the wall nicely i think... finito

Saturday, November 18, 2006

one more

thought i'd throw this one on coz i finally got a good picture of the whole thing... zom-b. ghostie, smerk, and myself - tenze... maybe june? or july this year, moray place, dunedin

ashburton college

ghostie, zom-b and i went to ashburton a couple of days ago to paint at the highschool, it was funny as, painting all day long with the schoolkids running around, it was such a cool piece too, came together really well... it was the first time iv done a dark fill with a light outline, i reckon it worked awesomely, i also painted the mountains and the sky that then turns all graphical over my piece, nice use of white space, all futuristic and shit... had to talk at assembly as well, that was humorous, it's all good, i'm sure they enjoyed me talking more than the cop and the old grouchy council guy that was there too... AND had to talk on the radio first thing in the morning too..... all good, we are winning - hard

8o's series with ghostie...

ghostie painted a robot here first that he made up from bits of other transformers for inspiration (so don't try and pick what decepticon he is coz he aint any of them) then suggested i do one as well, so we went the goodie/baddie juxtoposition of dark and forboding compared to happy and lala... the colours were complimentary on either side too... after i painted the autobot (bumblebee for all those that can remember) we decided to do more from our childhood in the future - hence '80's series 1'... enjoy

modaks paintingsssss..sss.sss.sssssss

been a tad busy of late, here's some new and old paintings for modaks, the cake looking one was a wee while back, such a mission getting in there, it was on a 45degree slant downward, mad spray mist falling in my eyes, had to get some glasses for that one... the coffee/tea sign was a wee while ago near the start of the year, the whole thing is stencilled, love the supreme logo in the middle - exceptional haha... the front of the store was latest, like it, on the organic stee... still got more to go tooo...... laters...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

cunty mc cunt cunt

fuck you blog, you're a cunt... i just wrote the mad spiel, like no shit a whole page, attatched a photo, then published - well tried to publish - 'BAD CONNECTION BLAH, TIMED OUT' blah blah fucking blah, clicked back to try and go back to my spiel, sure enough - all gone!!!!!!.... i hate you

Friday, November 03, 2006

josh squash in the bloodbucket

josh has been uber ripping recently, some haters tho are like 'all he does is bonelesses', so, all you do are flip tricks, that shit was so 2005... the thing is he does them better than anyone else, who sez you have to have kickies, backside flips and tre's as yr standard repitiore, its not the rules... anyway, boneless over the channel, straight ripping, 2 angles, like woah!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

blogger is being difficult

so i've been trying for the last few days now to post some photos but blogger aint letting me upload them... hmmmmm... we'll figure something out soon, patience is the key...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the exchange rocks the party

i had to finish a b+w roll the other day to develop it so i went for my daily stroll thru the exchange, one of my favourite built up areas of dunedin, the base of city rise, some cool dunedin views around here... i'm thinking i might have a good play around this area next year with the 4x5 view camera and get some spectacular shots and hold an exhibition of huge prints and make millions, millions i tell ya, well maybe just enough to go to tokyo with phil for 2 weeks and party HARD!!!!