dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Monday, May 21, 2007

lots of old bangers...

i raided my old negs, found some old favourites, posted them in here... enjoy

super dave, fountain leap, firsties...

barrel, leaping large, dodging the spikes

phil actually tried to ollie these several times

tulgonia 2, greatest skate film ever made

our old ramp on the roof, one of the only shots i have of it, sam robertson, fakie pop to nose pivot...

speights antics, r.i.p. this spot... ollie up etc... 3 story drop

chch artyness, shane matheson, f/s flip shodow what what

haha old as fuck photo, trying to learn multple flash, peep the slave on the left... dan de-twat-banger, one foot off the fonz

this was one of my favourite photos of the time, got the multi flash shit sussed by now, dan, ollie through the gap

dave verheul, 5050 at kavanagh college

nick blair, melon to fakie at mosgiel ramps

haha tony adams, morbs watching, classic mornington shot

duff + brett chan + mat rooney

jelly park duffell, melon transfer with a mean shadow whoop whoop

leap of doom with 50mm wheels

my first ever published photo, '98, duffell switch hardflip off the fonz in the octagon

brett chan, backside 180 off the flat, yeayah

mat rooney, stalefish no-comply in clyde

beaus turn... plus a philip too haha

mean backside flip at mornington, haha his kicks are bright yellow, for real

shiny pants crook pop out

kicky down the poly gap

nocturnal polytech roof varial heel to fakie

kavanagh college no run up boardie - philip

philip james frost is a bad cunt

padless invert on st clair vert ramp '99

bowling club roof banga

1st poly double set clearance

gardens 9's back1

one hit wonder drive by...

yeah well, roamed my computer the other day and found heaps of my old photos from '98 - '00... b+w, awesomes... love that padless invert...