dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

painting the lil bro's van... mission!!!

surrounding captains day was 3 solid days of painting my lil bros van, he was after a bad-ass pic of devastator... fuck yeah, jobs on... i knew i could do it but i didn't expect it to take so long... these shots only go up to the end of day 2, the sketch in light grape is fucking cool, slightly small on the back end, could have made it a bit bigger... i still got 3 fingers to do on the punching hand and the head to do, he comes to duds tomorrow so its back on again, will def post finished pictures, end of day 3 it was lookin banging...

the drive up to captains day

me and lil bruv drove the pigroot to the ol' crompton town... these are some views of the ripper of the day, so damn hot!!! and low and behold we made it haha... look how often i post when i got access to a digicam... one day i'm gonna buy one, honest... again haha

our old crib... aaah those were the days

this is where our old crib was when we were grommies, i think nana sold it when i was 14, waynestown, near dunback over the pigroot... nearly every weekend we hung out on this dirt road throwing stones and building huts in the long grass, crossing the ford to play on the dunback back road, and jumping off the pudding stones into the shag river... lovin it, was so dope to go back and peep it with my lil bro... it smelt exactly the same, bought back so many memories... awesome

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


ok, this christmas went down as the best ever... dubbed 'captains day' by the captain, where in folklore the captain kicks in the window to break in, opens all the presents under the tree, downs a bottle of rum, pisses on the tree, joes out for the kids to discover in the morning - genius!!! so my first drink was at 6:30am which was a bourbon - 'skull!' ... the rules for captains day is you have to skull yr vessel before opening each present... paro by about 9:30am - epic... the captain got his cock out about 11am, due to a wedgie that got the elastic over his head, undies ripped clean off haha... don't remember much after that, the brothers and i went back to pops about 12:30, unamused people there haha, ruined their happy families vibe... best thing is i made it to 1:30am, the last one standing... apologies to everyone i rubbed up the wrong way, but fuck it, i was just having fun!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

new niche at serps too...

like this, cool letters and fill, sharp and effective... wierd island things too???

new tenze piece at serps...

this took a few goes to paint, kept raining on my ass, hated it at first coz of the fill colours, looked a bit wierd, but then as usual as soon as you hit it with an outline and highlights it goes blam, like BLAM!!! good times... also the photo in the paper, now that was funny as fuck... he put my blog address in the article - good cunt, so hi to all the curious people out there, remember that the internet is only pretend!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the full wall in queens

askew and pest5 had already been there, we butted in next to them, cleaned up all the filth graff top and bottom to keep it all uber clean... mean

Sunday, December 03, 2006

the pieces in queens

some close ups of my piece, plus the finished ones from me and ghst, he rocked a bryn again, mean colours.... first time i've done this mountain piece, simple fill, new cloud technique in the back which was sharp and effective... quite dulled colours tho, no brighties, maybe the vanilla was the wrong choice for my 'eye in the skies', all good tho... might try and get a bit more on the nature tip in the future... peeaath

ghostie throwing ghosts

so me and the ghostmiester went to queens in the weekend for a skate comp thingy in arrowtown, comp was cool, cheech peeps came down - gus, jimmy wrong, max and izzy... retarded skateboarding from james, but me and ghst just chilled, don't really do the skate thing much anymore, don't get me wrong tho, had a cool day but we just wanted to paint. so paint we did... this is at the water towers? on the way to fernhill by the bike track, heaps of real ghetto graff except for an askew and pest5 piece at one end, we joint ours on, looks mean... this lot is ghosties paint action, cool splatter characters and the mountain man... mean

pretty kitty...

this one goes way back, 2000, mini's 1st litter of kittens at blacks rd... awwww how cute