dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Friday, August 25, 2006


getting rather art house on it in this one, rescued it from the archives for jane in wanaka - sup jane - it's the old wanaka ramp after they took it away, poor ramp aye, this thing was so tight and kinky and a right bitch to ride, but the locals ripped it up - the ollie and reon show, tim jackways, dean hunt etc etc... the fun side of skateboarding, ah..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

buff duff the moddell

speaking of arnie.... haha

studio photog

only done a couple of sessions in the studio, it's hard to know what to take when your in there, or different ways of lighting etc... maybe need to do a bit of research into others works so i can get a jist of how it all comes together... i quite like this shot of proff duff - "he was my moddell" (said like arnie would), it was only a lighting exercise, but it came out dope as bro... quite photogenic ol dufflae...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

school wins

well it's tuesday again, but this time i'm thinkin school's gonna win, large format photography and studio lighting at the mo - epic, precisely the reason i go to school, i'll put some pictures on for myself soon, fingers crossed i'm a wizz - so yeah, not gonna go out tonight sorry phil, yeah i know i'm a pussy, all good noel, work to do tonight and work to do tomorrow, churr... went to atiba's site last night, mean photographer, mean... library calls, peace


no not hoff - duff... ninjas first proper piece, felt he did quite well aye, us artists ripping at everything we put our minds to... he ollies better than you too

Monday, August 21, 2006

illegally you

some likely characters which may or may not be known to me decided to flair on this wall by UBS in duds - ILLEGALLY!!!! what a bunch of bad cunts aye, a nice wee collection of styles i reckon... 6 dif peeps.... evoke, pezo, unit, niche, ghostie, zom-b... DTC!!! 2006 yo

Thursday, August 17, 2006


this is a stencil i made ages ago, my buddy gave me this little wee canvas and wanted me just to draw on it... but with a room full of spraypaint and COLOUR i chose not to do a pen drawing, and dribbled instead, went down a treat... blah blah, i had heaps of other pictures to put on today too but i fucked up somehow when putting them on my i-pizzle... laters....
i had a thought last nite - lots of schoolwork coming up, so how about laying off the bliss for a little bit buddy!!! we'll see haha

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


feeling extremely worse for wear today - not due to alcohol abuse thank you - i've got the sniffles... ggrrrrr.... not the most pleasant way to spend the day, but all good... this my knee, tasty aye, i tore that massive gap in my leg by riding around on my useless wooden toy, it's learnt it's lesson though, i punished it accordingly... late 2004, pulled it out of the archives... PEEEAAAATTTHH

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tuesday... again... don't go out 2nite noel

hey blog, whatsup?? well i'm in mixed emotions today... frustration - due to coming down with the flu last night, nose tickly and sniffly as a mu'fucka, with an itchy and raspy as fuck throat, no pashes for me for a while, i'm sure girls aren't into swapping snot dribbles... i'm also pretty amped with school, we're about to start studio photography and large format - about time i learnt all that shiz... a tad annoyed with grommet south dunedin toy's who write filthily on your graffiti, claiming to be 'dunedins finest writers' haha, like fuck you toy cunt... penz, minor, eroxz - don't come to the duds wall of fame and claim that shit with filthy pen tags, prove yrself before you claim... fuckheads... eroxz put a lovely pen tag right in the middle of the piece above?? blind or just straight retarded, i still haven't figured that out yet...
school calls, catch up later... oh, another cool thing, random people have commented - ahh the wonders of the net aye... peace

Monday, August 14, 2006

mother brown

a fine example of a 'fuck you over' strain called mother brown, grown with lovin care in the 'burbs of christchurch.... mmmmmmm yummy yummy yummy


philip james frost - M.V.P. ... now 30 and retired... and as handsome as ever haha...

... 30th...

higgy looking as coherrant as ever... have another spot higs - oh, and a gin

... on...

birthday boy on the munt... what do you mean you cut the leather cuff off the watch??!?!!? a brand new nixon rocker no longer, yes it does look gay now...

... dancehall...

bunch of lads tearing up the kitchen, sorry about smashing the spotting bottle and not cleaning it up properly emma, it was an accidental glass shard in the foot, honest...

... tuesday!

... the who, the where, the what???... memory = 0

multiply these ginlemonlimes by about a million... that was my week last week... as i said earlier - HOLY.

shit was pretty epic, draining tho, and school lagged excessively... e.g. missing hand-in on friday, big trouble apparrantly, well i did get home at 6:30am, i kinda new i wouldn't be getting up at 7:30 aye... accidental boozy bar staff haha... then there was friday night, whoopsie, concord dawn, charging hard, home at 10:30am, paro... write off for saturday... etc, etc...

Friday, August 11, 2006


hung... gin and stuff... holy

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

on the nature tip

proud of this one, the background for a piece... i ended up liking the background better, thats why yr not seeing all of it haha

dancehall tuesday

hi, me again... not as many gins as i thought last night, for the best i think aye... blah, fed my face on junk... fatty. well not yet, but soon... semi unproductive of late, duffs been sketching up a storm, phil drew on 3 t-shirts yesterday, puffer pen stee... philip james frost - M.V.P. - and then there's me, lagging, appropriating my ass off haha, whatever noel... always yr own worst critic...
so shit's getting gnarly even more in lebanon, duds street war's lagging... can't afford to go to Mobb Deep this weekend, gutted, gangsters... all G, get some work done noeline, ok... bye

Monday, August 07, 2006

fucking computers

hello computer you wanker... i just wrote the mean spiel about my weekend and the week ahead, but the computer was a cunt and timed out when i tried to publish it... so everyone including me misses out due to technical difficulties.....FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK... bye

another week

well another weekend of shirkin responsibilities... should hav gone to the kindergarten and painted more on the mural, community service stee - but didn't... should have txtd a young lady and explained myself - didn't... shouldn't hav drunk that goon sack - did... etc etc etc... all good.
it's classic waking in the morning (alone thank god) and reading on yr wrist the bar stamps, yr trail of destruction, absolutely no memory of any of them, like none - i'd assumed i went home after that party - didn't... oh well, another week ahead of trying to be good - but... here's a brief run down... today - monday, phils 30th, bottle of tanqueray waiting at home... 2moro - tuesday, soundclash at bath, continuation of phils 30th, the rest of the tanq, maybe bickies... wednesday, working refizzle, more gin... thursday, working refizzle again, black seeds with soundclash after party, more gin... friday, hand-in for school, working refizzle again, concord dawn, a massively long night, more gin, maybe bombay this time aye kelly haha... saturday, RECOVERING hopefully, we'll see though, we'll see, i'm sure something will come up.... maybe every second word in this rant, insert a toot.... honk honk

Friday, August 04, 2006

today... blah

early morning, frost, school by half 8, not bad noel, not bad. too many late nights for my own good, brain frazzled, a bit loopy... the printshop printer was a cunt and chewed heaps of my images, shit took ages... aaah, the reality of ones life compared to others, imagine if i was in lebanon right now.... no thanks... it's not beer o'clock yet, patience noel...

duds city

a lovely knit unit this one... me and zom-b at the 1st duds city hip hop rep party at refuel may 12... churr

geetz got pop

even though greggs a dad, he still has juice... hefty pop shuv at th cool stores, dunedin

Thursday, August 03, 2006

niks going craaaaazzzzy

nik hart being a bad man, wall plant to fakie on sams ramp... bad man

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

adrian vercoid blazing

adrian vercoe unleashing his kickie prowess in the backwoods of duds... in and out aye cuz...

graffiti sunday funday

love it how every piece you do is your favourite... tenze 2006 dtc lbc... duds rep