dunedin antics

graff, street art, photography, duds city what... but now that i'm in auckland, we'll have some auckland shizz in there now huh... yeayah....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

refizz loos, my room whoop whoop

gotta love the shark, tnz piece is ripping too what what, dwt...

925s room at refizz loos

925 ripping, love his characters and just his style in general, whoop whoop, cool use of marker pen with the paint...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4 x 5 large format stee

some purdy pikatures of dunedin plus a purdy pikature of emily... purdy

graffiti more, yes

some stuff i seens on mi travooools

the start of strictly

1st shot was my walk down the hill on a misty midday, fuck dunedin rools
2nd, my paint for strictly, mad tonal ranges huh
3rd the start... holy... looks so different now

philip james frost strikes again

a couply of new pikatures he's made to be used as t-shirts in wellies for an exhibition thingee


bath st, midweek afternoon..... a clear plastic rubbish bag with a duvet a pillow and a used condom with poo poo in it... yum